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Exquisite and Functional Living Room Ideas

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One of the most important rooms in your house – and one that can often feel neglected – is your living room. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time! That’s why it’s important to have ideas hidden up your sleeve that will make living room-dressing up a breeze.

From embracing symmetry to adding an unexpected twist, these living room ideas will help you turn this room into something truly exquisite and functional. So get ready to jumpstart your decorating ideas here!

Embrace symmetry

Creating a functional and elegant living room doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is a sense of symmetry and balance. Take a look at the room around you, and ask yourself these questions: does it feel symmetrical? Is it cluttered? Do all the furniture pieces feel equally important and balanced?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to re-evaluate your living room design. Start by arranging furniture with balance and symmetry in mind. This will help to create balance in the room and make it more functional.

Think about how the room will be used – coffee table near entertainment center or work area? Once you’ve got the layout figured out, it’s time to start filling in the details. Use furniture that has a modern and sleek design to create an elegant and stylish living room that everyone will love!

Add an unexpected twist

A well-designed living room should be comfortable, stylish and practical. And that’s where eclectic and unpredictable ideas come in. From funky pillows to colorful floor mats, these tips will give your room a new lease on life.

For an extra pop of color, try incorporating plants into your design schemes! And for a really special feel, try incorporating an unexpected twist into your living room design. Whether it’s adding an eclectic rug or some unusual furniture, the possibilities are endless! So go ahead – give your living room the makeover it deserves.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Living room ideas don’t have to be conventional. In fact, incorporating natural elements can really add oomph to your decor. One way to do this is by using plants. Not only will they add natural color and life to your room, but they can also serve as focal points.

For example, place a big ficus tree in the middle of the room or put a few small plants on side tables. Hang natural materials like wood, linen, and woolen fabrics on the walls. Use earth-toned furniture pieces that match the color of your walls and flooring.

If you want to add a touch of romance, light candles or place lanterns in candle holders. Soak up the natural light and feel like you’re living in a tranquility-filled oasis!

Don’t Skimp on Your Sofa Size

A great living room is not complete without the perfect sofa. But choosing the right size can be tricky. Don’t skimp on this key element – a big part of a luxurious and functional living room is having the right size sofa. So, before you go shopping, take into account your seating configuration and flooring.

Many sofas come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home. Additionally, be sure to take into account the ceiling height and seating configuration. When shopping for a sofa, be sure to ask the salesperson about the available configurations and choose the one that best suits your needs. Finally, make sure to get a sofa that comfortably accommodates your family and friends.

Whitewash the Walls

A living room is the perfect space to relax and spend time with friends or family. But, sometimes it can feel a little bland and uninspired. Whitewashing the walls can help to change that. This simple task can add personality and life to an otherwise dull room.

You can choose from a variety of wallpapers that will compliment any décor style. Plus, whitewashing is an easy project that you can do on your own – perfect for DIY lovers! So go ahead and whitewash the walls – it’ll be worth it!

Center a Collection Around Color

A great living room should be centered around color. Choose complementary colors to create harmony and depth in the space. Use textures and patterns to add interest and life. Make sure your furniture is comfortable enough for everyday use, but stylish enough to show off your collection! Add a focal point to your living room with color, and your space will be complete.


A room is a room is a room, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish and functional too! In this blog, we’ve showcased some exquisite living room ideas that will have your space looking exquisite andfunctional at the same time.

From embracing symmetry to incorporating natural elements, these ideas will have your living room looking amazing. So if you’re looking for some beautiful and functional living room ideas, be sure to check out this blog!